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Operations Officer - Administrative (009) -Warren, MI

General Description

The Subcontractor shall provide office services by implementing administrative systems, procedures, and policies, and monitoring administrative projects. The Subcontractor shall serve as the principal advisor and consultant to the organizational unit manager and other key managers on administrative and management directives. The Subcontractor shall communicate with all levels of staff, operating officials, and support organizations; and shall provide document preparation, review, staffing, and archival services.


The Subcontractor shall analyze operating practices, recordkeeping systems, forms control, office layout, and budgetary and personnel requirements; recommend systems and procedures; and implement approved changes. The Subcontractor shall resolve administrative problems by analyzing information, identifying alternatives, making recommendations, and communicating approved solutions.

The Subcontractor shall identify functional and cross-functional requirements to maintain continuity of work operations, documenting and communicating recommended actions to management. The Subcontractor shall identify irregularities and determine continuing needs to perform functional allocation and its interrelationships on required tasks. The Subcontractor shall recommend resources required for each task.

The Subcontractor shall research, coordinate, and provide guidance on regulations, policies, directives, and procedures.

The Subcontractor shall implement higher headquarters administrative and management directives and monitor to ensure compliance. The Subcontractor shall perform studies and special projects in a wide variety of management and program areas, applying federal, DOD, DA, and local policies and procedures and reporting requirements. The Subcontractor shall disseminate information throughout the organization and up through higher authorities and stakeholders; and ensure effective cross-communication with all stakeholder organizations such as PEOs/PMs, cross-functional teams, development and test organizations, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (ASA(ALT)), the Department of the Army (DA), and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), as appropriate.

The Subcontractor shall develop, execute, and track documents and intergovernmental agreements such as Memorandums of Understanding, Memorandums of Agreement, and Memorandums for Record.

The Subcontractor shall coordinate, schedule, and adjust meetings, events, and travel for organization leaders, and synchronize organization events and operations as required with key stakeholders. The Subcontractor shall schedule, plan, and coordinate special project team meetings, and on-site and off-site events such as program and management reviews, staff meetings, ceremonies, town halls, and team building events. The Subcontractor shall facilitate meetings and calls for senior organizational leaders and provide technical support such as preparation of documents, reports, presentations, briefing materials, and dial-in/video teleconference (VTC) numbers; and problem solve system access issues in conjunction with appropriate support/help desk personnel. The Subcontractor shall develop a rhythm of activities for calendar management, action capture, and note taking.

The Subcontractor shall prepare, review, and transmit agendas, briefings, minutes, and calendars. The Subcontractor shall attend meetings and briefings, and record meeting action items and tasks. The Subcontractor shall prepare scripts, briefings, agendas, and documentation for organizational events to include town halls, retirements, ceremonies, and meetings. The Subcontractor shall prepare, update, route/obtain approvals, and archive weekly and regular documents such as staff call charts, dashboard charts, and significant action reports.

The Subcontractor shall support and execute strategic communications plans outlined by organizational leadership.

The Subcontractor shall plan, coordinate and participate in systems readiness reviews, touchpoint reviews, Industry Days, and other programmatic reviews and ensure minutes and actions are captured and actioned. The Subcontractor shall perform services for Program Reviews throughout the material acquisition process in accordance with the DoD 5000 series policies. The Subcontractor shall prepare materials, with graphics as necessary; develop draft program management documentation in conjunction with decision reviews; and prepare milestone review packages. This shall include preparation of agendas, data books, and briefings for scheduled reviews including type classification actions, post milestone review documentation, and get-well plans.

The Subcontractor shall respond to taskers, to include interfacing with other functional experts to obtain information; gathering, compiling and analyzing relevant information from various sources; develop and draft strategy and language, coordinate concurrences and approvals, and submit response on a timely basis. The Subcontractor shall quality check organizational documentation and briefings (format, grammar, spelling, content, etc.) prior to submission to leadership, perform final reviews of taskers, and coordinate with Public Affairs.

The Subcontractor shall provide subject matter expertise at organizational staff meetings and organize and oversee Integrated Product Teams. The Subcontractor shall package and present briefings, record actions, generate minutes and submit reports of activities.

The Subcontractor shall electronically store documents and other material in Government systems using logical file locations so that the material can be easily accessed.


Bachelor's degree in an applicable field** plus one full academic year of graduate education in the specialized field*; or, a bachelor's degree in a specialized field** plus three years of applicable experience**; or, a bachelor's degree in any field with a minimum of 5 years of specialized experience**. *Specialized Degree Field: Project Management, Business Management/Administration or other related field. **Specialized/applicable experience must be in the area of Project Management, Business Management/Administration or other related field. Specialized Certifications: None. (1) Five cumulative years' of work experience (within the last 8 year period) in planning, organizing, tracking, and reporting on projects supporting a program life-cycle management processes. (2) Two years’ experience supporting a Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) valued in excess of $185 million (ACAT I or II) using DoD 5000 weapon systems acquisition processes.

(3)Three years' experience utilizing Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and Adobe Acrobat.

Must be US citizens. Personnel shall have (or be able to acquire) a DoD SECRET clearance to handle documents and information that may include classified (SECRET or below) content. Personnel may be required to travel or perform services at Temporary Duty Locations on a limited basis.

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